Getting Started

Open Scene

First, you will need to open scene file. You can do it by clicking Open toolbar button, by selecting File -> Open... from main menu or just by dragging file from explorer into Faogen window.

View Modes

Faogen has 2 view modes - perspective 3d and 2d texture-space. 3D mode shows all scene objects just like in any 3D modeling software. In UV mode all objects with texture coordinates displayed in column.

3D View Navigation

2D View Navigation

Object Selection

There are three ways to select objects in Faogen:

View picking is performed with LMB click on visible object. Modifier keys controls meaning of picking:

Selection hotkeys:

AO Generation

View and change Object Options of the selected objects in the property list at the bottom right of the window.

Then click one of the Generate buttons to start ambient occlusion generation.

To save generated AO maps and per-vertex data, click Save button and choose destination file. Faogen will save 3D model file and all generated texture maps. For OBJ files per-vertex AO is saved as U texture coordinate.

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